Credit card payment service terms

If you choose to make the transaction via your credit card using Simplex (including Simplex's affiliates and sub-contractors), a foreign company that provides our users with credit card payment services ("Simplex", "Simplex Services" respectively) , please confirm at the bottom that: 

(i) you agree to receive Simplex Services, and you hereby authorize us to transfer to Simplex personal information that we have collected about you (the"Data")  – click here to view all types of Data that will be transferred to Simplex,
(ii) you are aware and agree that Simplex may process and store the Data, including by using sub-contractors, at destinations outside your territory and/or outside of the European Economic Area, where your Data may not be protected by the same standards; and
(iii) you are aware that the Simplex Services and the Data provided to it will be governed by Simplex's terms of use and privacy policy that may be different from those of Bits of Gold.  
Please note that Simplex is a separate company that Bits of Gold has no responsibility or control thereof. With your consent you agree to Simplex terms and waive any claims against Bits of Gold with respect to the services you have chosen to receive from Simplex. If you do not agree with any aspect of the above, please do not click on the confirmation button below, and do not continue with the following procedure. With your consent below and you will be transferred to Simplex website where you will be required to follow the procedure as specified on said website.